Rated zone 1/2 gas and zone 21/22 dust explosion proof

Schuch e840

Robust and reliable for extremely harsh environments. The explosion-protected LED e840 series features a high-wall thickness housing and diffuser with high impact resistance.

Schuch e865

The series e865 excels with its innovative encapsulated LED modules, the sandwich design of its diffuser and a reflector to protect the LED modules from mechanical and electrostatic damage.

Schuch e821

A robust, extremely flat sheet steel housing IP65 Luminaire with frameless tempered safety glass secured by an internal central locking system. Optional recess mounting and swivel arm mounting accessories provide flexibility.

Schuch e864

The emergency version of the e865 the e864 incorporates self-monitoring and deep discharge protection. With 3 hour battery backup operation, and compliant with AS/NZS 2293.

Rated Zone 1/2 gas and Zone 21/22 dust explosion proof

Schuch e855

The series e855 compact explosion-proof LED light fitting is the ideal solution for areas with minimal requirements for illumination.

Schuch e856 Emergency

The Schuch e856 offers automatic self-monitoring, which monitors the condition of the battery and displays results visually.
Compliant with AS/NZS 2293.