Sustainability and Efficiency

We have always been conscious of our environmental footprint and in today's climate this has never been more important. This is why we only partner with brands who share our vision for a sustainable future, and why we are careful to only source products that adhere to strict efficiency and sustainability guidelines.

We are careful to source from partners who do not develop single-use products. Every luminaire is composed of  replacable components to cut down on waste and maximise efficiency.

Through responsible use of limited resources and careful development of environmentally conscious products, our partners are consistently endeavouring to create a sustainable future.


LED luminaires are highly efficient. They reduce energy costs, produce less heat and require limited maintenance.

Ongoing technological advancements continue to improve lumen output without sacrificing efficiency. We only source  LED lighting solutions from world-renowned manufacturers with a proven reputation for performance and reliability.

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Our partner Schuch manufactures products which are compliant with Zhaga guidelines. Zhaga aims to standardize specifications for interfaces between LED luminaires and light engines, to ensure interchangeability between products manufactured by different companies. This enables Zhaga-compliant LED module replacement without requiring the disposal of the entire luminaire.

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