Examples of our work

University of Waikato - Gate 2B Walkway

With the advent of energy efficient lamp sources and long life LED, the University of Waikato have combined both of these technologies to produce a stunning result on their upgraded walkway from gate 2B carpark to the Performing Arts Theatre. Infinity Lighting recommended a combination of Simes 35w ‘Lofts’ on the pole and 20w Simes ‘Moai’ bollards. Both fittings use energy efficent ceramic compact metal halide lamp sources.
Simes also customised the Moai bollards to incorporate their colour changing LED Microplug to create an alternative festive option for use when there is a special performance happening in the theatre. The white lights can be turned off and the LED fittings mounted in the bollards and the pole bases can be directly controlled by the music happening in the Performing Arts complex. The walkway lighting has thereby created a genuine linked extension of the Performing Arts Theatre as well as enhancing the lakeside landscape.
waikato-1 waikato-2 waikato-3

Fonterra Canpac
Fonterra Canpac situated in Hamilton were one of the first companies in New Zealand to employ efficient T5 lamps in an industrial situation. Back in 2001, IP 65 under veranda twin 54w T5 fittings were installed and are still in operation today
In other areas the Infinity Lighting HYSTEL 316 Stainless Steel Hygiene T5 fittings are used. In warehouse areas the new INDAL six by 54w T5 sealed highbays have been in use for several years. The first generation of INDAL were installed at Canpac and have only recently been relamped after more than 20,000 hours use. Coupled with a Plug & Play wiring system Fonterra Canpac are reaping the rewards of and energy efficient flexible lighting system. 

New Zealand Oil Refinery 

The German Schuch brand of quality explosive atmosphere lighting has had a long association with the New Zealand Refining company situated at Marsden Point. Infinity Lighting, the New Zealand Distributers of Schuch product, continues to service and supply NZRC.
The “e” series of zone 1 explosive atmosphere lighting featured predominately on the recent NZRC Point Forward project. Infinity lighting worked closely with NZRC to incorporate small changes to the Schuch “e” to better meet the needs and specific requirements of NZRC.
NZOilRefinery1 NZOilRefinery3

FIL Warehouse/Factory Lighting

FIL is known for its innovation and high standards in delivering animal health, hygiene and marker products to dairy farmers throughout New Zealand and internationally. This same commitment has been applied to the design of their new company headquarters and manufacturing plant at Portside Drive, Mount Maunganui.
Factory Lighting image1

Three years in the planning, their new purpose-built facility is arguably New Zealand’s most eco-effective industrial building and even at the forefront internationally. Company directors and managers led the design process, working with local architects and engineers.

Factory Lighting image2
Design Brief

This new facility required a flexible and automated lighting system to make full use of, and compensate for, changing daylight levels to maximise energy efficiency.
Epulse Electrical and Infinity Lighting working as a team designed and delivered a complete solution to meet the clients brief and production start-up deadlines. Providing an effective transition between natural and artificial light resulting in a practical, comfortable and safe workspace. Also a lighting system that, although industrial and functional by nature, fits unobtrusively within the overall design of the building. Achieving good vertical lighting levels were also a key aspect in areas where storage racking is used.
A key requirement of the lighting system was also to have the lamps fully covered as is required by AGRI-Quality for food storage. This is achieved using the hinged, clear acrylic diffuser mounted on the bottom of the INDAL fittings.
Luminaire Selection

The new Infinity Lighting INDAL luminaire is specifically suited to this type of industrial application and was an excellent choice fitting with FIL’s philosophy of environmentally sustainable design
The INDAL is a locally designed and manufactured luminaire made mostly from robust extruded recyclable aluminium. This is an enclosed fixture, minimising the ingress of dust, utilising six 54w T5 fluorescent lamps powered via three electronic ballasts. The unique design allows for heat dissipation through cooling fins to optimise performance and protect the temperature sensitive ballasts.

Lamps within the INDAL are circuited in pairs and can be operated via an external daylight or motion sensing control system. Additionally the near instant start and restart of T5 fluorescent lamp technology is an added benefit in power brown-out situations.
Factory Lighting image3

Factory Lighting image4

Design Criteria
Energy efficiency was the main driving force for the design. It was also just as important to achieve safe and effective lighting levels using the most energy efficient and practical method possible. Energy efficiency meant care had to be taken not to “over-light”. More time was given to actual light levels achieved in the design for different areas than average light levels. The selection of the INDAL was not automatic. Many different options and layout configurations were considered
The design needed a luminaire to work well with shelving and equipment layouts by providing excellent vertical illuminance as well as looking as innovative as this new building. The final selection was Infinity INDAL due to its efficient and flexible operation, durability and modern styling.

Factory Lighting image5

Cost and Energy Effectiveness
A spreadsheet was created to demonstrate to the client the cost benefits that could be gained from an integrated automatically controlled lighting system making use of natural daylight against a static conventional HID system. Factored into this spreadsheet was the additional cost of the INDAL vs. an enclosed Metal Halide Highbay. The demonstrated scenario shows the client a payback, from energy savings, of the additional capital required of approx 1.6years.
Operation & Maintenance
The factory is fitted with an optimum level of heat reflective sky lights to deliver as much natural light to the space as possible and a fully automated light level sensing system to ensure that the lighting only runs when the ambient internal light level is below the set point.

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