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With the rapid advancement of LED lighting technology over the past few years, Infinity Lighting was extremely careful when choosing a supplier to represent in New Zealand. Having seen many suppliers make promises which were subsequently broken, we wanted to partner with a company who had a long track record in LED technology and could back their product up with a rock solid warranty.

After a lengthy global search, we discovered Dialight who have specialised in LED technology for 40 years. A leader in this field, Dialight have a reputation for being ahead of the game in both research and development and innovation. With an extensive range of heavy industrial and hazardous fittings, they were a perfect partner for Infinity. Many of their products carry a world first unconditional, continuous performance, 10 year warranty.

Having sold Dialight products into many industrial sites across New Zealand, efficiency savings and especially long term maintenance savings have been a significant factor in the decision to go with Dialight. These savings are magnified when used effectively with DALI and ZigBee systems which are compatible with all fittings.

With their global HQ in the UK and manufacturing carried out in the U.S and Europe, Dialight fittings conform to the highest specifications and ISO standards. Since launching the new range of SafeSite and Durosite fittings in 2009, over 300 000 lights have been installed into many of the world’s top industrial sites who can testify to their high performance, energy efficiency and reliability.
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SCHUCH lights are manufactured and made in Germany and they have been making luminaires for over 120 years. Known internationally for their innovation, reliability and superior build quality - Infinity Lighting is proud to be the New Zealand agent for SCHUCH.

With a commitment to producing quality fittings, SCHUCH carries out its own research and development, laboratory work, parts manufacturing and assembly within its own factory. They are one of the world’s leading companies when it comes to industrial, explosion-proof and hazardous fittings.

We have sold 1000’s of Schuch fittings into many New Zealand business sectors, including; oil and gas, food processing, dairy, forestry, education (universities) and ports.
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